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  • Introduction
  • Research field
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Research field

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Motonic is growing as a global eco-friendly company through technological leadership and product development in the automotive parts industry technology field. We have LPI / LPDI system, fuel system system, valve train system technology, and are focusing on R & D of next generation hydrogen electric vehicle products, which are eco-friendly fields in the future.

Design Section

  • Design TOOL : Creo(Pro-E), CATIA, OrCAD, Simulink Design
  • Analysis TOOL : ANSYS, PumpLinx, ADINA, RecurDyn
  • PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
  • Bench Marking ROOM
  • Patent : Pro-Engineer, CATIA, U.G (Uni-Graphic)

design section picture

Numerical Analysis Section

  • Structure Analysis : It predicts the deformation and stress distribution about using conditions, and optimizes the design by identifying weak areas.
  • CFD Analysis : It is used to improve performance by grasping the performance of fuel pump and flow characteristics of fuel supply parts.
  • Multi-physics Analysis : Study and analyze the effects of complex physics interaction close to actual usage environment.
  • Multi-body Dynamic Analysis : Valve Train analyzes movements and action forces on parts with mutually organic interaction.
  • Electromagnetic field analysis : Optimize the product design by understanding electromagnetic characteristics (magnetic force, magnetic flux density, etc.).
  • Die-casting Simulation : Based on the pouring and solidification phenomenon of the casting process, it predicts various defects that may occur during casting and uses it for quality improvement.

Electronics Section

  • Standards : AUTOSAR, CMMI ML2, ISO26262 ASIL B
  • Design : Matlab Simulink, Cadence OrCAD
  • Calibration & Testing : ETAS INCA, VECTOR CANoe/CANalyzer/CANape, EMC
  • Code Analysis : QAC/MISRA-C/Codesonar/VectorCAST Enterprise

electronics section picture

Test Section

  • Vibration tester
  • Thermal impact/high-temperature/low-temperature/constant-temperature/ozone/salt water spray
  • Universal tester
  • Engine/Chassis dynamo tester
  • Anechoic chamber
  • Various test equipments for ES/MS TEST

test section picture