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  • Introduction
  • Research field
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Research field

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Motonic is growing as the global environmentally friendly leading company for technology and product development in the automotive component industry. Motonic has developed the LPI-CNG system, and the valve train system to focus on the development of the fuel cell vehicle (FCV) system and the electric vehicle, the future of the environmentally friendly automotive industry.

Institute design section

  • Design TOOL : Pro-Engineer, CATIA, U.G (Uni-Graphic)
  • PDM : Product Data Management
  • Bench Marking ROOM
  • Patent : Pro-Engineer, CATIA, U.G (Uni-Graphic)

Institute design section picture

Status of test equipment

  • Vibration tester
  • Thermal impact/high-temperature/low-temperature/constant-temperature/ozone/salt water spray
  • Universal tester
  • Engine dynamo tester
  • Anechoic chamber
  • Various test equipments for ES/MS TEST

Status of test equipment picture